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Application to the UN :

The UN Security Council

An Application at the UN Security Council (Primus Inter Pares) has taken place spring 2019.

UN Application related websites:


My Language Mastery.

International Politics


For the support of my UN application I developed next webpages :
The list contains all UN related.

Recent Events

Financial Research

2021, Week 22

Financial Research. For more information visit the website

The Research is also based on the The Elliott Wave Project.

The Elliott Wave Project (Restart)

2020, Week 22

Elliott Wave : Market Behaviour Theory.

The Elliott Wave Project Website.

Free Advice for Success

2019, Week 32

A Free advice for (Business) Success :

The Free (Business) Advice Success Website.


2019, Week 26


Upgrade Competition website.

Corporate Strategy

2019, Ongoing


My Strategy Know-how.

Further Language Study

2018, Ongoing


My Language Mastery.

Takeovers, Restructuring and Corporate Governance

week 38, 2018



Week 24, 2018

My Diplomatics Know-how.


Week 23, 2018

Experienced Negotiator

Management of Meetings

Week 2, 2018

Experienced in Management of Meetings.

Marketing Management

Week 0, 2018

Experienced International Marketing Manager

The Know-How

Connected Marketing

Week 47, 2017

Connected Marketing : Online Marketing :

Information about the project.