Hans Boeve

The Presentation

Hans Boeve : Consultancy Service

Know-How : Press Relations

  • Where it's about
  • Content, Relation, Style, KISS, Images.

  • Communications : Non verbally
  • First impression, Hands, Feet, Language, Voice, Eye contact.

  • Empathie, Assertivity
  • Momentum, Love marks, Behaviour, Style, Push, Pull, External elements.

  • Media Performance
  • Preparation, Radio, Television, Live, Interview, Appearance, Studio, Interviewer, Questions.

  • News, Crisis Situations
  • Denying, Downplaying, Minimalising, Preparation.

  • Cooperation with the journalist
  • Medium, The truth, protection of sources, the adversarial principle, treating well, quoting well.
    Preparation, End of interview, Lying, Excuses, Have a scoop,
    Rectification, Off the record, Embargo, Free publicity

  • Canalising the media communications
  • Press list, Press release, timing, emergencies, Press conferences, Press excursions, Etiquette.

  • Communication Manager
  • Public Relations Manager, Spokesman
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